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Lucian Freud

Straight From the Stable

Lucian Freud Achieves Bridgeman Images

Sold on 3rd December 2019 for £40,000

This extremely rare piece of art will be offered for sale in the Modern & Post-War British Art sale on at Chiswick Auctions on

Estimate: £40,000-60,000

All funds raised will go directly to the Wormwood Scrubs Pony Centre Charity Registration No. 1045045.

This charity is a Riding for the Disabled centre and not only provides riding for disabled children but runs education and equine therapy programmes for children and young people with learning needs and mental health problems.

Mary-Joy recalls Goldie as, “a stunning chestnut with flaxen mane and tale. She was a Welsh cob – a big strong horse”

but Mary-Joy also knew how wilful and stubborn her character was and remembers how surprised she had been that Lucian had selected her to paint. Lucian however, was not to be dissuaded and spent a full week working on the composition, only to finally admit defeat and leave the canvas incomplete and in the care of Mary-Joy, in whose possession it has remained to this day. The result: Sketch of Goldie, is an affectionate, highly gestural work, which expresses both the artist’s confidence in the subject and the horse’s strong character.

Further commenting on the distinctive composition of Sketch of Goldie Krassi Kuneva continued:

“The composition of Sketch of Goldie is also very revealing. Freud’s placement of his subject on the canvas is always a distinctive feature of his work. Goldie’s cropped muzzle in this instance is one the canvas’s defining features, giving the work a particular energy. While Freud didn’t see eye to eye with this particular horse and left the work unfinished, the composition was a device he clearly wanted to explore further and the truncated side-on pose became a feature of his subsequent horse portraits that he completed at the Pony Centre – namely the Skewbald Mare of 2004 and Mare Eating Hay of 2006”.

Sketch of Goldie by Lucian Freud will be offered in our

For more information contact Krassi Kuneva, Head of Sale, Modern & Post-War British Art


Sketch of Goldie will be unveiled to the public at the Wormwood Scrubs Pony Centre on 23rd November at 1pm.

[email protected]

THANK YOU to CHISWICK AUCTIONS for all the support given with the sale of the Lucian Freud Goldie Sketch. It was sold for £40,000

Thank you to Romaine Dennistoun for kindly donating the painting the 'Homage to Freud' Releef the Grey Gelding.