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                                                                            ​Registered Charity No. 1045045   







             LB Hammersmith & Fulham Licence N0. 1019/00107 5Star Rated Riding Establishment    

Pony Learning School and Kindergarten classes are currently full

Pony Alphabet

This is a fun alphabet for the younger children

Each letter is dedicated to a family or individual who donated to 

the 2020 2.6 Challenge 

The letter A is dedicated to Marko in appreciation of his birthday donation & to Lucy P for supporting 2.6

A is for Apple

The letter B is dedicated to Daphne in support of 2.6 & to E D for supporting 2.6

B is for BRIDLE

The letter C is dedicated to Cleo in appreciation of her donation & to

M-J A for supporting 2.6

C is for Carrot

The letter D is dedicated to Tracey in appreciation of donations  & supporting 2.6 and to Ella L for taking part in 2.6 Challenge & for raising funds.

D is for DONKEY

The letter E is dedicated to J G for supporting 2.6 & to James D for supporting 2.6

E is for EGG

The letter F is dedicated to JGS in appreciation of your support & donation & to Clare F for supporting 2.6

F is for FOX

The Letter G is dedicated Jo B for the kind donation & to Diana T T for supporting 2.6

G is for GIRAFFE

​The Letter H is dedicated to Miranda McC for the very kind support & donations & to S.S for supporting 2.6

H is for HORSE

The Letter I is dedicated to Dionne for supporting the Imaginary Riding lesson & to Angela G for supporting 2.6

I is for INDIAN 'North American'

​The letter J is dedicated to Jen for supporting 2.6

J is for JUMP

Here is an unusual picture of a horse jumping over another horse.

The letter K is dedicated to Kim for supporting 2.6.

K is for Kimblewick Bit

Some ponies have a Kimblewick bit in their mouths when children ride them.

The letter L is dedicated to Dawn for supporting 2.6

L is for long reining 

Long reining is when a pony is being trained without a person actually riding him.

Here is a picture of a Shetland pony being Long reined over some poles.

The letter M is dedicated to Alison M for supporting 2.6

M is for Mare

A Mare is a female horse. The picture shows a mare with her foal.

​The letter N is dedicated to Shelly for supporting 2.6

N is for Naughty

Even ponies can be naughty. This Shetland pony has just done a poo in front of HM the Queen. Who is seen holding her nose!

The letter O is dedicated to Veronica R for supporting 2.6 

O is for Oats

Race horses are fed on oats as they give them lots of energy to run faster.

​The letter P is dedicated to the Bradfield's for supporting 2.6

P is for plaits

Ponies often have their mane plated when they are doing important thing such as going to a horse show. This pony's mane is plated. Can you count the number of plates that he has?

This letter is dedicated to Andy S for supporting 2.6

Q is for Quarter Horse

Quarter Horses are an American breed. They were originally bred for racing a quarter of a mile.

​The letter R is dedicated to E D for supporting 2.6

R is for Reins

Reins are the part of the bridle that you hold with your hands whilst riding. Reins are used to help steer your pony.

​This letter is dedicated to James D for supporting 2.6

S is for Saddle

A saddle is what you sit on when you ride a pony

​The letter T is dedicated to Kate B for supporting 2.6

T is for Tack

Tack is the word we use for all the equipment that a pony wears when being ridden.

​The letter U is dedicated to M-J A in support of 2.6

U is for Unicorn

Unicorns are magical ponies that have an unique horn on the front of their heads.

The letter V is dedicated to J G for supporting 2.6

V is for Victorian Hackney Pony

Victorian hackney ponies used to pull cabs. They were the early form of the Black Cabs of London.

This old picture shows a Victorian Hackney cab outside Buckingham Palace.

The letter W is dedicated to M & I for supporting 2.6

W is for Welsh Pony

Welsh ponies are a native pony to Britain. They original come from Wales. They are hardy and make ideal riding ponies for children.

The letter X is dedicated to  Alex G for supporting 2.6

X is for Xenophon

Xenophon was an ancient Greek 335BC. He wrote 'The Art of Horsemanship' . This very old book has been used as the base of classical riding. The picture shows an ancient Greek stone carving of Xenophon with a horse.

The letter Y is dedicated to Richard W for supporting 2.6

Y is for Yearling

A Yearling is a young horse that is under the age of 2 years old. The picture shows a yearling being sold as a potential race horse.

The letter Z is dedicated to Janet C for supporting 2.6 

Z is for Zebra

Zebras come from Africa and belong to the horse family. They are not normally ridden as they are wild animals. Each Zebra has an unique pattern of stripes on its body. No two Zebras have the same markings.

Videos for Pony Kindergarten Children


Interesting facts for children about Shetland Ponies

Shetland Ponies

The Shetland Pony Story

See where our Camargues horses were born.

Meet a Unicorn


Beautiful Camargue horses who are related to our Camargue herd at Wormwood Scrubs Pony Centre


Fun Unicorn

Magic Pony

Kindergarten Story

Before we catch him we must get his head collar and lead rope.

Is that Magic hiding in the grass?

No, that pony is bay colour and Magic is a grey coloured pony.

Is that Magic in the woods?

Yes, it is Magic. Let's go and put his head collar on.

Now there are more ponies.

How many ponies can you count?

Which one is Magic?

Magic is now on his own. 

Is he waiting for us?

We now have to groom Magic.

I am using a Dandy brush to brush the mud off his coat.

Magic has been groomed and can now be ridden

This is great fun. We are  going out for a ride in the woods with other children from the Wormwood Scrubs Pony Centre.

Thank you Magic for being a wonderful pony.

 We all look forward to seeing you very soon.

Please can you give a helping hand to the Wormwood Scrubs Pony Centre 

by supporting us through this very difficult time.

For over 30 years the Pony Centre has helped thousands of children many of whom have physical and learning difficulties.

It is vital that our charity survives the Coronavirus so it can continue to help children in the future.